CredtiSME Score for Businesses

The CreditSME Score is an important tool for business that are either seeking finance or that take credit risk on other counterparties in their day to day business activities. The CreditSME Score incorpoates a wide range of data specific to a business and industry to give the user a rich insight into the credit profile of a business.

For businesses seeking finance, the CreditSME Score will give you an insight on how the lenders will view your business and therefore indicate the most suitable lender profile and loan terms available.

For businesses that take an element of credit risk on third parties, the CreditSME Score is an important tool in helping to quantifying this level of risk and making an informed decision in respect of this counterparty risk. The situations where obtaining a CreditSME Score on a counterparty may include extending credit terms to a customer, selecting a supplier or sub-contractor on a project/contract or deciding on a suitable tenant or lease terms on a commercial property.

Sample uses of the CreditSME Score

Setting client credit terms

The CreditSME Score can be used in helping to determine suitable credit terms and limits with clients.

The CreditSME Score can be used up-front when setting the initial limits and also on an on-going basis to ensure those limits remain suitable. 

Selecting sub-contractors and suppliers

A CreditSME Score can be used to assess the profile of a counterparty before awarding a sub-contractor or supply contract.

This up-front assessment will assist in the decision as to whether a counterparty is likely to be able to meet their obligations over the life of the contract. 

The CreditSME Score can be obtained as part of due diligence on the successful party before awarding the contract or carried out on a number of tendering parties as a benchmarking tool and to help in the selection of the preferred counterparty.     

Decision on commercial tenant

A CreditSME Score can be used by commercial property owners in assessing or setting terms with their commercial tenants. 

The CreditSME Score may help in the decision as to the likelihood of the prospective tenant meeting their obligations over the term of the lease.

The CreditSME Score can be obtained as part of due diligence on the successful party before signing up the new tenant or carried out on a number of potential tenants to help select the preferred tenant.     

How It Works

Depending on the volume of transactions, the CreditSME Score on a business can either be requested online (click here) or through a tailored Partner Portal. 

If you have the financial statements on the business on which you are seeking a CreditSME Score, you can request a CreditSME Score by completing a short application online (click here). 

If you don't have the financial statements on the business on which you are seeking a CreditSME Score, you can generate an email to the business that requests that they complete the short online application.


One-off CreditSME Score

$495 per business


  • CreditSME Score (0 to 100)
  • Assigned risk category
  • Summary of financials and key credit ratios
  • Key strengths and risk areas identified
  • The report can also be limited to the score only if the business being scored prefers financials not to be disclosed

Partners - Standard Report

Volume based pricing

  • Includes standard CreditSME Score and report
  • Summary of financials and credit ratios
  • Specific users assigned that can request reports
  • Point in time and continuous scoring available

Partners - Tailored Reports

In addition to the standard CreditSME Score and report, a more detailed and tailored report can be prepared for Partners that suits the requirement of the business. This may include a deep dive into the credit profile of a third party that may include a more detailed assessment of the operating track record, company policies and other potential risk factors that may impact upon the company's credit profile.